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Mark Hamill Confirmed For THE SECRET SERVICE

Mark Millar has confirmed via Twitter that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) will play himself in The Secret Service. The film is an adaptation of Millar and Dave Gibbon’s (Watchmen) comic which is setup at 20th Century Fox. Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Layer Cake, X-Men First Class) is rumored to have left X-Men: Days of Future Past to direct Service instead.

Mark Hamill Will Have A Role In Secret Service

Mark Millar has a long honoured history of running his mouth when it comes to his film projects. We’ve heard more than our fair share of untrue talk about Kick-Ass 2. There is now word from Millar picked up by ComicBookResources (via CBM) that the development on The Secret Service is moving along quite nicely. Stating that Matthew Vaughn is currently writing the film’s script. It was revealed a few months back that the Vaughn and writing partner Jane Goldman were working on the film. Described as Millar/Vaughn/Dave Gibbons’ (Watchmen) version of S.H.I.E.L.D. or The Man From U.N.C.L.E. that follows a London hoodie that is trained to become a James Bond type of spy.

Another interesting tidbit was laid out by Millar stating that Mark Hamill will have pivotal role in the film. The iconic actor is best known for playing Luke Skywalker and as the voice of the Joker for  almost two decades. His role is unknown but he could be playing a villain or even himself. Millar also confirmed the two lead actors of the project would indeed be British. A director hasn’t been named but since Vaughn has signed on for a sequel to X-Men First Class he might pass on the directing side of things.