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Fan Made STAR WARS EPISODE VII Poster Has A Decent Cast Wish-List


RUMOR: INCEPTION 2 Really Happening And Next For Nolan?

Inception is one of the highest grossing original films ever made making $820 million worldwide during it’s theatrical release. It wasn’t based on existing material and wasn’t a sequel. However, it looks like Warner Bros. is eager to have Christopher Nolan develop it into a franchise with Inception 2. A while back it was revealed by actor Tom Hardy (via ScreenRant) that the cast had signed-on for sequels. Even Nolan commented on a potential sequel during an interview.

“It’s not something I want to say no to, but it’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought about.”

Over the summer a rumor sparked that Nolan’s next film could be Inception 2. ComicBookMovie seems to have a source within Warner Bros. that could see the concept of inception actually being the star of the film. They say they’ll ditch the original cast (already seems fishy) and focus on the military properties of the device. In the film Arthur mentions briefly the device was originally created by the military, a simple hint to a sequel? Apparently, if Nolan turns it down they’re going to pursue it with another director. This sounds like a giant leap and could be completely fictional. That said, Christopher hasn’t made an announcement about his next film, so anything could happen.

“Rumors spread that a group of people managed to pull off Inception, and middle-eastern terrorists soon catch onto the idea and plan to perform Inception on world leaders, forcing them to dissolve law and order”. 


Hugh Jackman has already confirmed The Wolverine won’t have connections to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Being a standalone film gives the impression it might not even have ties to the original trilogy. Going as far as rumors of director James Mangold re-shooting Logan’s origin scenes. We currently don’t know the film’s timeline or connections to the other films. However, GeekFiles (via CBM) has spotted the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning logo on set. The school is founded by Wolverine with himself acting as headmaster and Kitty Pryde as it’s headmistress. Could this be the way Fox links X-Men: Days of Future Past with X-Men 4?

Kitty and Logan are important characters to the Days of Future Past source material so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine them being featured in Matthew Vaughn’s sequel. The pair even had their own set of team-up comics, so Shadow Cat could show up in The Wolverine. It’s unknown at this point if they’ll be able to get Ellen Page back as Kitty or just recast the part all together. The First Class sequel is set to start production early next year, planting seeds a year before it’s release wouldn’t hurt.

Jessica Biel had been linked for a role in The Wolverine but oddly walked from talks. The role had been revealed as Viper who has a history with Logan but went to Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova instead. Perhaps, she wasn’t wanted for Viper but instead an older version of Kitty. If it had been reported that Biel had landed the Kitty role it would be apparent what Fox was trying to do, bridging the two X-Men franchises. We know that the studio is currently trying to put together X-Men 4 and seeking out a new team of mutants could be a way to separate itself from Vaughn’s franchise.

James Gunn’s Super Gets April’s Fools Release Date!

James Gunn’s ultra-violent superhero comedy Super has been set to be released on April 1st. The film is being compared to Kick-Ass but isn’t based on existing source material which is nice to see. There are some short clips floating online which sold me on the film. Hopefully this means the trailer won’t be too far away.