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DREAM CAST: Dwayne Johnson And Gina Carano For TRANSFORMERS 4

Now that director Michael Bay is revving up re-casting for Transformers 4 starting with Mark Wahlberg. We should be expecting a “different” group of actors selected this time around. Mark is better known for his action roles but has landed himself in the awards arena recently with The Departed and The Fighter. Wahlberg is also a solid straight-man in comedies like Ted and The Other Guys. So he’s got the acting chops, charm and humor to add something human to the film franchise which has been lacking from it’s human characters throughout the trilogy.

Granted I’m not a big fan of Bay’s Transformers films but this next installment could change the entire tone of the films.  It’s unknown how serious the studio will be going, likely a little more towards the recent reboot/sequel to G.I. Joe. A bit more grounded than previously but still including the humor and spectacle you’d expect from a summer blockbuster. I have two other recommendations that could greatly help this new era of the franchise. I feel like having an Expendables-type cast of action stars could help boost the quality of the film. That being said, I could see Dwayne Johnson and Gina Carano becoming excellent additions to the new cast.

Dwayne has broken out as an action star (again) after a rather terrible string of family friendly films. He’s already jumped on board the Fast And Furious and G.I. Joe (another Hasbro film) franchises seemingly giving them new action cred. Production of his Hercules (also with Paramount) film with Brett Ratner directing is also ramping up in the new year. I assume with connections to both Bay and Wahlberg from working on Pain And Gain along with three projects for Paramount. He’s a strong candidate to be the next name added to the lineup. Hiring someone that can be as charismatic as Johnson could be something the franchise could really use. We’ve seen three films already where character development and charisma is thrown out the window. It would be nice to see someone else with actual personality added to the mix.

Gina is the MMA fighter turned action heroine, thanks in part to her starring role in Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire. The film was a huge success and has since seen Gina land roles in Fast And Furious 6 (alongside Dwayne) and the lead in a female version of The Expendables. Bay has been notoriously lazy with casting female actresses in the Transformers films, not to mention sexist. Girls tend to watch these genre films as well and having models playing damsels in distress is beyond cliche. It’s time they developed a female character (lack of them as well) that wasn’t just eye candy for Bay and teen boys.

Dwayne Johnson Confirms ‘LOBO’ Rumors

Lobo is finally moving forward with Brad Peyton set to direct replacing Guy Ritchie. Not too soon after that news it was rumored that Dwayne Johnson had been linked for the lead. Johnson himself answered a fan’s question via Twitter which confirms he’s at least in talks with producer Joel Silver and the studio.

“Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true. Joel Silver and Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun..”

SPECULATION: Dwayne Johnson Courted For ‘SGT. ROCK’ Not ‘LOBO’?

There had been rumblings when Dwayne Johnson sent out a tweet hinting he might be up for a DC Comics superhero film that it could be Lobo. With his Journey 2 director Brad Peyton set to rewrite and helm Lobo the assumption lead to that movie. BleedingCool even reported on the rumor today from another source which they couldn’t confirm. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Losers) had long been linked for Lobo even doing a screentest, so he could still be in the mix.

Sgt. Rock may or may not be getting new life at Warner Bros., Johnson could also be up for this role too. Dwayne is headlining G.I. Joe: Retaliation (a reboot of sorts) it wouldn’t be hard to see him jump into another franchise with lots of firepower. The current vision for the Sgt. Rock film would see the hard boiled soldier fighting in a futuristic war, switching up the original WWII setting.

Dwayne Johnson Hinting He’s Joining A DC Comics Film?

Dwayne Johnson (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Fast Five, Pain And Gain) is aiming to move into the world of comic book films. He’s previously stated that he’d love a shot at Namor the Sub-Mariner and Luke Cage both excellent roles for film. Johnson was also loosely attached to play the god-like villain Black Adam in a possible Shazam! film. A recent response on Twitter gives the impression he very well could be in talks to join a DC movie. Unlike Marvel, there don’t seem to be many options currently for the DC films.

The projects that come to mind are Lobo and Suicide Squad. One option is that he could end up playing a member of the group of DC villains forced into suicide missions as The Suicide Squad. Lobo is the closest to going into production as Brad Peyton replaced Guy Ritchie as the director. Brad will also make rewrites to the script which Don Payne (Simpsons, Thor, Thor 2) had originally wrote. To avoid another Jonah Hex or Green Lantern the studio will have to set the entire film on alien worlds and push for an R-rating. Lobo is a faul-mouthed violent biker bounty hunter who gives Superman a run for his money in hand-to-hand combat. He’s one of the greatest DC anti-heroes and has been considered their version of Wolverine/Judge Dredd/Venom. Both seem like perfect movies for the new action star.

David Tennant Wanted For ‘FAST SIX’?

LatinoReview has word British actor David Tennant (Harry Potter, Doctor Who) is in talks with director Justin Lin for a role in Fast Six. His role is currently unknown but with the film heading to London it would make sense to sprinkle the sequel with local talent. Luke Evans is being linked for the villain role so it’s possible David could be aligned with Evans or apart of Scotland Yard.

Luke Evans Offered Villain Role In ‘FAST SIX’

Universal seems to be aiming high for Fast And The Furious 6. Twitch reports that Welsh actor Luke Evans has been offered the villain role which had previously Jason Statham turned down. The budding actor has all over the place lately with roles in Clash of The Titans, Robin Hood, Blitz (with Statham), Three Musketeers, Immortals, The Raven and the two Hobbit films. According to Dwayne Johnson the film will be shooting in London and Berlin. It will be starring Dwayne, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and possibly Haywire’s Gina Carano.